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Sometimes a name can be as much a promise as it is a place.

Oyster Bay

In a relatively short space of time, New Zealand has risen to become one of the world’s great wine producing nations. From New York to Sydney to London and beyond we are enormously proud Oyster Bay is one of the most loved and sought after wines internationally. From the moment we released our first vintage in 1990, winning Gold and the coveted Marquis de Goulaine Trophy for ‘Best Sauvignon Blanc in the world’, we knew. Blessed with the natural advantages of New Zealand’s maritime cool climate and ancient alluvial soils, Oyster Bay continues to capture the essence of New Zealand’s cool climate viticulture with our world-class range of elegant and assertive wines with glorious fruit flavours.

Our vines flourish in some of New Zealand’s leading vineyards, in its most renowned wine regions, Marlborough and Hawke’s Bay. And our state-of-the-art, winemaking facilities, have been carefully designed to preserve the intense varietal flavours which come from these unique sites.

Oyster Bay is a passion. It’s a vision. And ultimately, it’s a promise- to bring the very best of New Zealand wine to the world. We don’t make reserves, anything more, nothing less. We don’t reserve anything. We are the same family that’s been here from the very beginning only grown a little and learnt a lot.

Take the time to experience Oyster Bay and discover a whole new world of flavour.

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Winemaking Philosophy

Oyster Bay wines capture the special character of New Zealand… elegant, assertive wines with glorious fruit flavours.

The flavours we love so much in our wine are there from the moment we pick the grapes. They come from our unique cool climate and ancient soils where our vines grow. We work hard using a science and a love of the land to create remarkable flavours in every bunch.

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We don’t see sustainability as something you do. It’s something you are.

We live in one of the most picturesque landscapes imaginable and have an enormous responsibility to ensure that it is preserved.

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Welcome to Oyster Bay

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