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Sometimes the best way to lead is simply not to follow.

Winemaking Philosophy

Our winemaking philosophy is to capture the special character of New Zealand’s cool climate viticulture – to consistently produce distinctly regional wines that are elegant and assertive with glorious fruit flavours.

The flavours we love so much are there from the moment we pick the grapes. They come from the unique cool climate and ancient soils where our vines grow and we work hard, using a science and a love of the land to create remarkable flavours in every bunch.

The flavours take a whole season to create but can disappear in a moment. Our winemaker’s role is to capture this flavour in every glass. What sounds a little aggressive and simple, is in reality, gentle and complex. Each vineyard parcel, as we call them, are made individually to capture their own character. Our winemakers skillfully blend these to make a wine with complexity and of course, real personality. Our uncompromising attention to detail captures and retains fresh, incisive, cool climate fruit flavours and enables us to express the individual character and complexity of each region in our wine.

We call these elegant and assertive wines with glorious fruit flavours.

Uniquely New Zealand, undeniably Oyster Bay.

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From the ends of the earth, a taste made in heaven.

Discover Marlborough Discover Hawke's Bay

Discover Marlborough Discover Hawke's Bay

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