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Sometimes you need to go to the ends of the earth to find a taste made in heaven.

New Zealand

Our story is as much about place as it is about passion.

New Zealand is blessed with two natural attributes that enable it to produce wines unlike anywhere else in the world: a maritime cool climate and ancient, alluvial soils.

Over thousands of years the continual process of mountain building and erosion by glaciers, floods and wind has deposited alluvial soils on the riverbeds and terraces throughout much of New Zealand. It is in the roots, within the ancient alluvial soils of Marlborough and Hawke’s Bay, that the sublime, cool-climate styles, and fruit-intense flavours of Oyster Bay are born.

Step out in the middle of the day on a classic Marlborough or Hawke’s Bay’s summer, the brightness is beautifully intense, and sunshine plentiful. But stay about a little. Until nightfall. The shift from day to night isn’t just defined by light, but temperature too. It chills quickly. The South Pacific Ocean taking its deep breath over our two islands.

For the grapes, this makes for more than a chilly night. Ripening is gradual, almost methodical. As each day edges the grape towards ripeness, each night captures its flavour. This pattern creates one of the longest grape growing seasons on earth – and those unmistakable, remarkable zesty flavours, and fragrance that are the hallmark of our wines.

NZ Map

Hawke's Bay

Alluvial river stone in a pocket of sunshine

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A youthful ancient wine region

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Welcome to Oyster Bay

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