Winemaking Philosophy

Oyster Bay wines capture the special character of New Zealand…
elegant, assertive wines with glorious fruit flavours.

You taste a Sauvignon Blanc berry. Its burst of flavour leaps over your tongue. Magically, from one single fruit come many more; passionfruit, melon, citrus. Its zest clings a little and reluctantly leaves. Next time you’ll go for the whole bunch.

The point here is, the flavours we love so much in our wine are there from the moment we pick the grapes. They come from our unique cool climate and ancient soils where our vines grow. We work hard, using a science and a love of the land to create remarkable flavours in every bunch.

The flavours take a whole season to create, but can disappear in a moment. Our winemaker’s role is to capture this flavour in every glass. What sounds a little aggressive and simple, is in reality gentle and complex.

They make sure the journey from grape to wine doesn’t contain too many stop-overs (and definitely no delays). Our wineries, which are designed by us and built specifically to make our cool climate wine styles, help us achieve this.

We get that generally few people get excited about pipes. But looking inside our winery is like a glistening pipe organ in a grand music hall. In perfect formation, these majestic structures take the juice received from each vineyard block to its own place in the winery. Each vineyard parcel as we call them, are made individually to capture their own character. Our winemakers skilfully blend these to make a wine with complexity, and of course real personality. We call these elegant and assertive wines with glorious fruit flavours.