• Soils & waters: By protecting and preserving the environment, we are protecting and preserving our future. MORE ›
  • Wetlands: New Zealand’s unique wetlands are a habitat for some our most treasured plants and birdlife. MORE ›
  • Our Commitment: Oyster Bay is a founding member of Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand. MORE ›

At the heart of Oyster Bay is a passion for capturing the pure, cool-climate flavours of New Zealand, one of the world’s great wine-growing regions. It is a passion matched only by our dedication to protecting the pristine natural environment that ultimately delivers, and defines, our difference as a brand on the world stage.

The pure glacial waters, clear sunlight and nutrient rich soils that bring such abundant life and flavour to our wines,

are our most precious assets. Our commitment to their preservation is reflected not only in our founding membership of Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand, (one of the few comprehensive, integrated and internationally-accredited sustainable wine-growing programmes on Earth), but in every single part of our winemaking process.