Fittingly set in the heart of Marlborough, one of the world’s most acclaimed wine-growing regions, our Oyster Bay Winery reflects not only the pride, positioning and unparalleled potential of New Zealand’s flagship wine brand, but our passionate winemaking spirit.

This is no conventional winery but is an architectural tribute to the region and the spirit of the makers of New Zealand’s most sought-after wines to capture the unique taste – the very soul

and seasons – of that region.

It is a winery built to capture the individual characteristics and complexities of each and every vineyard.

Incorporating the most advanced wine processing technology on Earth, our winery features a highly-distinctive curved and layered roof that reflects the nearby Richmond Ranges and enables Oyster Bay to naturally maintain a cool and consistent winemaking environment through the hot summer months.

The roof also protects the winery and sensitive surrounding vineyard area from run-off caused by heavy rain.
All water used in the winery is retained, purified and recycled. Beneath the same roof and enjoying the same energy-efficient environment, the Barrel Hall houses premium oak barrels
sourced from sustainable
forests in France
and California.

French and Italian winemaking technology, including a Vaslin
Boucher press gallery, is used
throughout the facility,

the centre-piece of which is a six-storey high, temperature-controlled cellar, purpose-built to capture and retain the fresh, vibrant flavours of Oyster Bay’s distinctive cool-climate grapes.

Nothing is left to chance. Everything about Oyster Bay, from the location of its vineyards in the prime sites of one of the world’s great wine-
growing regions to the quality and consistency of its wines and the shape of its winery, is completely and utterly by design.